Friday, November 30, 2012

Str8shot Photo Store is online and ready to serve you.

A couple of years ago I started the Str8shot Photo Tech blog. The purpose of the blog was to keep the amateur photographer informed on good or bad deals in the photography equipment world. i also wanted to give them alternatives to the sometimes over priced name brand equipment out there.  I had no idea it would grow to the level it has become today.

A spin off of that blog is Str8shot Photo is a new photography equipment dealer that has a large selection of gear for the amateur to professional photographer. It also sells all the gear we review on our technical blog.

We recently went through a site re-work. Where basically I took the entire site and trashed it, then reloaded using new software and scripts. What we ended up with is a much better interface. Faster loading, larger selections and easier navigation of our site.

So check out our site and see if you can find the camera of your dreams within its pages.

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