Thursday, June 27, 2013

Windows 7 Won't Wake Up

If you have ever had the troublesome computer that won't wake up after setting idle all night and when you move your mouse in the morning nothing happens. The power LED on the monitor stays amber and doesn't change color and no log on screen. Your not going to believe how simple the solution will be for some of you. Keep reading to find out.

I discovered this issue when I was setting up a computer with 3 separate monitors. They all worked fine, but about once a week I would come in and the primary display would not turn on. But the other two would. At first I thought I had a bad monitor. So I swapped monitor 1 and 2 which are identical. No chance and a week later same affect. So the next time it happened. I un-plugged the power to the monitor and re-plugged it in and it came right up to the log on screen. Voila problem solved. I have yet to find a solution but this temporary fix has prevented a lot of unnecessary reboots.

If you only have one monitor and it won come out of sleep mode, try this first. You might be surprised that it is only the monitor that is not waking up. I am trying to find the real solution but this seems to be an inherent problem with Windows 7 so who knows if we will ever find one.

So next time your monitor says I'm tired, unplug his but and plug him in again to fix him right up.

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