Sunday, December 8, 2013

Program a Flysky Fs-T6 with Dual Aileron Servos

Dual Aileron servos
I picked up a FlySky Fs-t6 from Amazon a while back to fly the RC-Help Trainer that I built from foam board. I opted for dual Aileron servos for greater control during setup. The problem is I couldn't find any way to set them up on the radio. There isn't a setting for this. Fortunately with a little digging I found a way to do it. Keep reading to find out how.

FlySky FS-T6 2.4ghz Digital Proportional 6 Channel Transmitter and Receiver System

Aileron left
Aileron right
The default settings using a single servo for you ailerons works fine and is the default setting of the fs-t6. You plug your aileron servo into channel one and the left and right movement of your right stick determines opposing actions as seen on channel 1 of the display setting of two images. this is simply moving one servo to the left or right of center which alternates rotation of each aileron.

Fs-t6 function menu
For our purpose we want a separate channel to control each servo. This allows us to tweak each servo individually without having to adjust linkage on the plane. It also gives us the option of utilizing Flaperons if we wish to. Our setup is going to put the left or port aileron servo into channel 6 on the receiver and the right or starboard aileron servo into channel 1. Left and right being determined as if your sitting in the pilots seat. I always remember which is which by seeing that Left and Port have the same number of letters.

Creating a Mix

Mix default settings
After selecting the model of plane your wanting to edit in the System menu go to the functions menu and scroll down to Mix in the list. Press Ok or click the wheel to enter the menu. The Fs-t6 has the ability to set up to 3 mixes on your radio. Normally this would be used for something like adding a little throttle when you make a turn or a little up elevator when you turn using ailerons. Things to make flying easier for you. In our case we are going to make it so that the left and right ailerons work in an opposing fashion.

Change the settings for any of the mixes 1,2 or 3 to match the image at the right. I will include the settings just in case it doesn't load.

Mix #1
Mix is   On
Master   Ch1
Slave     Ch6
Pos. mix     -100%  (note these two settings are negative)
Neg. mix    -100%
Offset   0%

the end result is that when you move channel 1
to the left using your aileron stick you move the servo on channel 6 in exactly the opposite direction, as seen by the images here. It also links the two servos in the radio so that if you apply trim using the trim buttons on the front of the radio it applies the trim to both servos. You can still go into each individual servos Sub-trim and adjust them for dialing the plane in and it will not affect the other servo.

The Flysky Fs-t6 is a pretty great radio and will do a lot of things that used to cost 3 times as much. Next we just need to program our Flaperons and we're set. But that is a whole other article.

Happy Flying.

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