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Bind s FlySky FS-T6 to a WlToys V912 Helicopter

A while back I wrote an article and did a video on binding a WlToys V911 Helicopter to and FlySky FS-T6. Everyone knows that the factory transmitters that come with the Wltoys and equivalent brands will work to fly these heli's but they are not exactly a precision instrument. So when you can bind them with a better more precision radio it is that much better. Which is what we are going to show you here with the V912.

FlySky FS-T6 2.4ghz Digital Proportional 6 Channel Transmitter and Receiver System
After I had flown my V911 enough to know I wanted to upgrade I started searching for a larger model. The thing is, it can get very expensive very fast if you have to by a whole new system when you go up to say a 450 size system. So I already had a FlySky FS-T6 transmitter and had successfully bound it to a V911 from WlToys. I had heard rumors that all WlToys Helis and planes use the FlySky system. So I took a chance and ordered a BNF (Bind N Fly) version that is just the Heli and a battery. No charger or transmitter included. No spare parts either BTW.

V911 Transmitter
Bind to V911 Transmitter first. (as a test)
So I got it here and the first thing I did was try to bind the V911 transmitter to the V912. It worked immediately. This verifies everything is working on the v912. Also one thing you learned is if you have a V911 and want to fly V912's the radios are interchangeable. The Stock V912 transmitter is a bit more robust than the V911's I have been told.

Next I decided to try and bind it to the V912. I attempted to use the procedure I wrote up  for the V911 but it didn't work. I got it to bind one time somewhere during that procedure on the third try but couldn't replicate it. But it does bring up a good safety tip I will share with you.

***SAFETY TIP***The first time I successfully bound my FS-T6 to the V912 I learned a very important lesson. Anytime your newly binding a Helicopter to a new Transmitter, Tie the helicopter down in some fashion. I use a small stick though the skids and held to the bench with a spring loaded clamp. I had my brand spanking new V912 sitting on my work bench and completed the first successful bind. Not knowing that I had the throttle channel reversed.( a result of reading an incorrect bind article) The Heli of course proceeded to rise in a very rapid fashion until the metal fly-bar made contact with the light diffuser on my shop light. There were pieces of plastic flying everywhere and a horrendous noise before I knew what was happening. I reached up and grabbed the heli by the skids, pulled it back down and shut it off before any real damage was done though. 
My incident could have been much worse. My heli only had a scratch on the Cowl and the blades were
FlySky FS-T6
scuffed a little bit. But no permanent harm was done. Just be careful, the power difference from the V911 to the V912 is HUGE! The V911 can can some harm but the chances are not too likely if your careful. Unless you hit someone in the eye or something like that. The V912 on the other hand has a lot more rotating mass, more power and more speed and could serious tear someone or something up pretty bad if your not careful. So take precautions, you are delving into a level that is not a toy anymore but a serious piece of flying machine.

The Bind Procedure.
When you bind the heli the first time check out this article for the settings of the transmitter. If you have  V911 already just duplicate it  in the radio and rename the new model. A lot easier than creating a new one.  But here are the basic settings at a glance.

Model Settings
Reverse: For Mode 2 Reverse Channel 2 
End Points: Leave all at 100%
Display : N/A
Aux Channels: No Changes
Sub-Trim: No Changes
Dual rate/Exp: Reduce the rates on the 3 channels to 50% (1,2 &4 in mode 2)
Throttle Curve: No Changes
Mix: No Changes
Switches Assign: Fly Mode -SwA (dual rate for 50% Sport activation)
Throttle hold: No Changes
I also like to program the top left switch (SwC I think) to 0% throttle when I am flying Helicopters. This sets the throttle to off basically so you don't accidentally bump the throttle and get you or someone else hurt.

Next plug the battery into the Helicopter. Then do the following procedure to bind your V912 to the Flysky.
  • Plug the Battery into the Heli and turn the power switch on the side to the on position.
  • Press and hold the bind button on the back of the transmitter and turn the transmitters power switch to ON. Hold the button for about for 3 seconds.
  • Release button then turn the transmitter power Off then right back On. The V912 should now be bound to the Flysky FS-T6.

  • Drawbacks of this Procedure
    One problem with the procedure mention here is that the V912 for whatever reason with not store a bind with the flysky. You must do this every-time you power off the Helicopter.  The good news is that it only takes about 5 seconds to do it and you will get so used to doing it and forget your doing it.

    Have a great time flying your new V912 on your FlySky FS-T6, you will love how much more control and finesse it gives you.

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