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Bind a Flyskty Fs-T6 to a V911 Helicopter

Flysky FS-T6
If your one of the proud owners of a new FlySky FS-T6 Transmitter and you want to fly the V911 style helicopters, it is your lucky day. This is a procedure on how to bind your FlySky to the V911 style of Helicopter. The factory controller is a decent enough transmitter, but you have so many more options with a more professional model like the FlySky.

New & Improved WL V911 4 CH Single Rotor Helicopter Version 2

WL TOYS V911 Helicopter

When I first started looking for micro helicopters I was trying to find the cheapest I one I could buy that also had an abundance of spare parts available. I was looking to find one that would bind to my current transmitter which is a FlySky FS-T6.  I stumbled across the v911 style of helicopter and found numerous brands out there. I finally decided on the WL Toys model mainly for price and parts availability.

Why The FS-T6
When I bought my transmitter I didn't have enough funds available to buy something like a Spektum DX6i. Coming in at less than half the cost the Flysky FS-T6 it was a no brainer for me. There are a lot more options available for Bind and Fly (BNF) planes and helicopters out there available for the Spektrum and of the brands of radio from what I have researched. Not so much for the FlySky branded transmitters. But I did stumble across several articles touting that the Turnigy 9X and the Flysky FS-CT6b would bind with the early V911's. Both of which use the Flysky technology. This gave me hope that I could bind my FS-T6 to them as well. I just wasn't sure about the newer models being released.

Bind and Fly
Instead of ordering a Bind an fly version and not being able to fly it if the bind didn't work I ordered a full kit with  the V911 Helicopter, The Transmitter, 2 batteries, a spare blade kit and a USB Charger. My thinking was if I get it to work, I will later buy a BNF model and use the stock controller for my son to fly it. It is a good thing I did, because I researched and found the BNF version doesn't come with batteries or a charger.

Before Binding
Before binding the helicopter and the transmitter you need to do a few things on your FS-T6. First off you need to create a Helicopter model on your radio. I am assuming you know how to do this already. Just name it and for Type select Helicopter and Fixed Pitch.  The only other change is your Stick Mode, which is personal preference, but I use Mode 2. Everything else works using the default settings.

Model Setup
We now need to change our settings for the model itself. Some of these are personal preference but will get you started. I don't know if any of these will affect binding but I provide them as courtesy to get you up and flying.

Model Settings
Reverse: For Mode 2 Reverse Channel 2
End Points: Leave all at 100%
Display : N/A
Aux Channels: No Changes
Sub-Trim: No Changes
Dual rate/Exp: Reduce the rates on the 3 channels to 50% (1,2 &4 in mode 2)
Throttle Curve: No Changes
Mix: No Changes
Switches Assign: Fly Mode -SwA (dual rate for 50% throttle activation)
Throttle hold: No Changes

Binding Procedure
Once we have the transmitter setup to run the V911 it is time to bind the Transmitter to the receiver that is built into the helicopter. I have written out the procedure here and also included a video of how to do it as well.
  1. Plug the battery into the V911 Helicopter
  2. Press and hold the Bind Key on the back of the FS-T6 and then turn on the FS-T6.
  3. After about 5-8 seconds release the Bind key.
  4. Remove the battery from the V911.
  5. Turn off the FS-T6.
  6. Turn the FS-T6 back on.
  7. Put Battery back in the V911, wait for solid light. 3-4 seconds.
  8. Fly Away.
Make sure the throttle is completely pulled to the off position or the bind will fail.


On the factory transmitter there are two Modes of flying as they call them and display on the controller. This should have been labeled Rate 1 and Rate 2 as it is actually reducing the Rates of your controls by a percentage. Mode 1 is roughly 50% of the stick travel which would be the Sport rate on the FS-T6 the way we have it setup with switch Sw-A down.  The word MODE in rc plane and helicopter flying refers to the mode in which your sticks control the different functions of the model. Mode 2 is throttle on the left stick, Mode 1 is on the right stick etc.

***TIP*** Flip Switch SwA down to activate sport mode which is equivalent to the rate lowering Mode 1 on the factory transmitter. When outside use the full rate mode by leaving the switch in the up position.

Good luck and happy flying

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