Tuesday, September 27, 2011

What happened to all of our free time?

When I was growing up, a while ago ;-), I remember getting home from school around 3:30pm and then me and some friends would organize a pickup game in the back lot. At that time it seemed like eons before mom was yelling out the back door to come in for supper. I'd rush in and wolf down as much as I could, with my backside barely touching the seat, and fly out the door. We'd get bored with our mini world series and progress on to 'Kick the Can' in the neighbors yard. When the Street lights came on it was time to head inside, and maybe catch an episode of  ALF. So where did all that free time go?

I'm an adult now, with 3 kids, a beautiful wife and a brand new grandson, but the evenings seem so short that I never seem to accomplish the things I need to get done. I used to come home, mow the yard, trim the trees, eat supper, maybe watch a couple of shows on the TV. By then it was time for bed, and I felt I had accomplished something. Then we started acquiring computers, not just one but multiple PC's for everyone in the family, cell phones, Ipods and Tablet PC's. I think the acquisition of these devices is when we started losing our time, and possibly the ability to do things we need to get done.