Saturday, May 4, 2013

Vortex box add external USB drive in Linux for movies and music.

If you built a Vortexbox for all your music and have been using it for a while, chances are you stumbled across the fact that Vortexbox using Makemkv is also good all by itself for Ripping DVD videos for your archives. But it is not that great at serving them up. This is where Plex comes in as a media server for your videos. The problem you may encounter when you initially build your Vortexbox is that a 250Gb drive by itself will hold a lot of music, but not when there is video involved. Before long you will find yourself with a drive that is almost full. So how do you fix it? Buy a huge drive and completely re-install your system? This is a pain to say the least. My solution involves using external USB drives and adding storage in addition to what you already have.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Lenovo M92 with more than two displays, Triple and Quad

Lenovo M92 series
If you have a Lenovo M92/p series PC and tried to setup more than two displays, chances are your going to be disappointed. For some reason out of the box the displays are not configured with the correct drivers, and the BIOS is set wrong for multiple displays. If you call Tech support they will tell you this machine is not capable of running more than two displays without an expensive adapter. Well they are full of it. It can be done and I will show you how. With no expense to you other than cables.