Friday, March 25, 2016

DIY CNC MIlling Machine (on a budget under $100) PT 1


For years as a hobbyist that buys all kinds of add-ons and accessories for "mu millions of Hobbies" according to my wife.  I have thought how amazing it would be to have my own CNC mill and lathe equipment to make a lot of these items myself. It would also be really nice to have the ability to personalize them with my own logo and name or whatever catches my fancy. So I went out and started pricing small milling machines and compact metal lathes, and even combo mills with a built in lathe. It was then that I realized if I dropped the kind of dough needed to purchase this equipment, that I wouldn't be able to afford my hobbies anymore. So I set out on a quest to build my own CNC mill.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Repair the slide cutter on your Heat Sealer.

Standard 16" Heat Sealer
If you have ever used a Heat Sealer with a built in slide cutter to cut the bags, you know two things. One that the slider part will wear out over time, causing the tip of the blade to start scraping on the aluminum plate, prematurely ending the life of your $10 blade and Two even if you can get a replacement part for it , you will pay a fortune for it. So many companies end up purchasing a new heat sealer for several hundred dollars just to avoid the hassle. So what if I told you that you would be able to repair your heat sealer for under $20, how about $10 or less? Would you be interested?